Just like a woman, a horse does not love weak people, nor does it respect them.

(Alessandro Alvisi)

A little history about myself as a breeder...

The first time I set foot on the Harm Thormählen stable-farm I found myself back in the 18th century, represented by a traditional period stable with a charming attached house filled with trophies. 

I had a sort of “illumination”, the feeling that this was the sacred place I had been looking for. 

At the time horses were used in place of tractors, and this meant hard work. When the first tractor arrived in 1950, the farmers sent their horses to the slaughter, but Harm Thormählen’s father, who was a rider whose hobby was jumping, continued to use his jumping mares, which were also used for work. 

So he kept all the brood mares and left Harm a genetic heritage that allowed him to continue the stud farm that produced CAPITOL I, a great success for the Holsteiner Verband, as he sired excellent foals and also won more prize money than any other stallion in the world! 

It goes without saying that I fell in love with the history of the Holsteiner and immediately made it mine. Without delay, I started to study their history and lines, their show jumpers, their brood mares and the various cross breeds, above all with thoroughbreds and then with Anglo-Arabs and Anglo-Normans, as well as the lines with French blood.